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Common Questions

What qualifications must I have to be considered for a franchise or area development rights?

Single Franchise Requirements:
  • 2 years experience in restaurant management or you are willing to hire an experienced restaurant manager
  • 5 years general business or management experience
  • Minimum net worth greater than or equal to $750k
  • Minimum liquidity greater than or equal to $500k per restaurant
Area Developer Profile:
  • You are willing to hire an experienced restaurant manager for each location
  • 5 years general business or management experience
  • Minimum net worth greater than or equal to $1.5MM
  • Minimum liquidity greater than or equal to $500k per restaurant
  • Minimum 3 unit commitment

What will my return on investment be?

Profitability will vary considerably depending on: sales, location, traffic and operating costs, financing terms, your ability to manage and control your business, among other factors.

What is the availability of sites in my area?

The availability of sites in specific areas will be discussed during your initial interview. We have a real estate team with relationships and knowledge to assist your development. However, BangBang Mongolian Grill® cannot predict which locations will be available when the requirement process is complete.

What are the BangBang franchise and royalty fees?

Our franchise fee is $35,000 and our continuing royalty fee is 5% of gross sales. Our franchise sales team will be glad to answer all your questions in depth.

Will you help with the search for my location?

Yes. Our Management team has decades of collective restaurant / retail real estate experience. We also work closely with third party professional real estate specialists that will also assist you with your site selection and market analysis.

Will I receive training?

Before your restaurant opens you will receive approximately 20 days of intensive hands-on training. Additional training and support at an affiliate BangBang or at your location is available upon request. You will also have access to our exclusive Total Technology Platform (TTP). TTP is a combined platform of technologies providing you with the most technologically advanced communication tools, instant on-line ordering capabilities, restaurant site-modeling information, a complete informational library and on-line training and support.

Does BangBang have corporate or affiliate owned locations?

Yes, we maintain affiliate owned restaurants and will continually test market and evolve our brand through research & development in our own restaurants before introducing new systems, strategies and products to our franchisee partners.

What is my earning potential?

We are only permitted to share restaurant earnings as regulated by Federal Trade Commission.

Does BangBang offer financing?

No. However, we can direct potential franchisees to sources that provide financing options to restaurants in the areas of equipment leasing, construction and SBA loans.

May I speak with existing franchisees?

Yes. You may talk to any and every BangBang franchisee – and we encourage you to do so. Not only may you speak to them now, but as a franchise partner you’ll communicate with other franchisees regularly. One of the most important benefits of a BangBang franchise partner is being able to communicate with other BangBang restaurant owners about operational best practices. We do a lot as a franchise organization to foster this communication among franchisees through our proprietary intranet system.

What is the average size of the location needed?

Our stores range from 3,500 to 5,000 square feet depending on local market demographic conditions, size of available space and the financial strength of the franchisee.

How long will it take for me to open a BangBang restaurant?

Our restaurants can be constructed in approximately 90 to 180 days after securing a location and plan approval by local municipality.

What is the next step?

CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US or phone (800) 437-8577 and find out more!


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