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Why BangBang Mongolian Grill®

Fast-Casual Dining

The fast casual restaurant industry outperformed all other categories of the restaurant industry in 2009. According to Technomic's list of the Top 100 fast-casual restaurants the fast casual restaurant industry experienced 10.8% growth in sales from the previous year with nearly $20 billion in total sales. The performance is especially impressive given the effects of the recession on dining out, but entirely understandable, since the growth is based on a trade-down from full service restaurants. In other words, the desire to eat out didn’t diminish, only the destination changed. The industry is poised for continued growth as more consumers spend their disposable income in fast casual restaurants, such as Chipotle, Panera Bread and BangBang Mongolian Grill®.

What makes BangBang different?

BangBang brings a unique twist to the fast casual category; Consumers choose from a wide variety of fresh proteins, vegetables, starches, sauces and spices in a “build your own meal” style. Customers load their bowls, as often as they like, with the fresh ingredients they choose and bring it to the grill area where it is seared within mere minutes on a six foot circular grill under their watchful eye.

The process is fast and eliminates the need for extensive kitchen or food preparation areas, kitchen managers, culinary chefs / managers and servers, thus substantially reducing space requirements and labor costs. Our concept is timely, inviting and unique in its simplicity and ease of operation.

A concept whose time has come

BangBang is truly a unique participatory dining experience offering a fresh, healthy and contemporary alternative in the fast-casual category. Not only do you watch your meal as it is seared at over 500 degrees but you also create it yourself. Our platform is streamlined and efficient in its “build it your way” approach that focuses on our Build-it-Bar and our six foot custom circular grill strategically positioned for all to see. Our labor costs are considerably lower than most restaurant concepts since we eliminate the need for chefs and servers and limit food preparation requirements

We offer a vast array of high-quality fresh meats, chicken, seafood, vegetables, starches, spices and sauces. Our guests may return to the Build-it-Bar as often as they choose. We also serve beer & wine and offer a wide variety of soft drinks and teas along with our signature pro-biotic frozen deserts with all the healthy toppings. We are family friendly, and kids in particular take special delight in creating their own healthy meals and desserts

Is BangBang in your future?

Led by the vision of entrepreneurial restaurant and franchise industry leaders, BangBang is a privately held company dedicated to developing our proven business model through a nationwide network of like-minded franchise partners. We provide the necessary tools for your entrepreneurial success. Our management is made up of passionate people, respected vendors and a dedicated and talented support staff who all work together to ensure your success.

BangBang is structured to support your success by achieving synergies and costs-savings for our franchise partners by bundling “back of the house” functions, where the entire franchise community benefits from shared teams in purchasing, real estate, business training, IT and human resources to capitalize on economies of scale. Our team of passionate marketing and operations talent provide the systems and step-by-step guidance to ensure our franchise partner’s success. This type of support is unique in the food franchise industry and sets BangBang apart from its competitors.

The BangBang concept is trampling the old notions of quick-serve dining’s warming lamps and steam tables and replacing it with an incredibly flavorful, fresh and healthy approach to dining out.

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